And Mother Claps Her Hands…


SavitriIt is always a wondrous phenomenon to witness how the Master and Mother draw their spiritual children into their embrace.

The SRV sangha was recently blessed with the addition of a new sangha sister. Carol Stockwell of Canada received initiation from Babaji and was given the name Savitri.

Savitri, who was born in California, moved to Canada at the age of 11 and has lived there ever since. She is a talented architect, with an emphasis on Green building and what she refers to as conscious homebuilding. Recently, she has been devoting her time towards the development of an innovative industrial startup venture.

Her introduction to Sri Ramakrishna came through Lex Hixon’s book Great Swan, Meetings with Ramakrishna. This reading inspired her to seek out additional teachings which led her to several of Babaji’s books, including Twenty-Four Aspects of Mother Kali, and The Ten Divine Articles of Sri Durga.

Savitri found the SRV website and noticed that there was an upcoming retreat at the American River. She made the long trek from Canada and became fully immersed in the blessed teachings as well as the pristine waters of the river. To be surrounded by the teachings as well as the committed SRV devotees had a profound effect on her. It was refreshing to be around people who had no restraints about conversing about God. A feeling of coming home pervaded.

Savitri had studied and experienced different kinds of spirituality and now began to see Sri Ramakrishna as the underlying foundation of all. Continued reading and study deepened over time as well as her connection with the Ramakrishna tradition as transmitted through Babaji. Sri Ramakrishna’s words resonate deeply within her and she appreciates how Babaji weaves together the various teachings. As a natural consequence, she soon felt moved and guided to receive initiation.

Since receiving initiation, Savitri has noticed that there is no more struggle in meditation. Stillness seems more natural. She has firm faith that there is no possibility of slipping back to a worldly way of living. She feels a solid foundation even in the midst of worldly life as spiritual principles now guide her life and predominate.

Like many of us, Savitri now finds it difficult to read non-spiritual books. The Bhagavad-Gita is a constant companion and its blessed teachings get continually revealed with each reading.

Savitri is also a talented poet and a collection of her poems will soon be published. At a recent retreat in Ashland she shared several moving poems with the sangha.

We welcome our new sister into the SRV family and feel blessed to have her spiritual companionship.