Aruna’s light of dawn

Aruna’s light of dawn

Aruna's Dawn

Namaste, and Aloha to all those interested in Divine Mother Reality and the Wisdom Teachings of The Dharma.

At the first appearance of Aruna’s light of dawn, and to the accompaniment of distant thunder and the resultant oncoming early morning rain, I sit to write this little message to all the faithful after reading through what has been gathered for this present issue of Mundamala by devout hearts and dedicated minds.  The overall impression as I read and “proof,” as usual, is one of continual and unreserved awe at the far-reaching and deeply penetrating power of these offerings — “far-reaching” in that they will inspire the mind to rise and seek the Holy Feet of the blessed Lord and Mother of the Universe, and “deeply penetrating” since they will then successfully encounter the very root of both underlying Awareness and root Ignorance, making the soul keenly cognizant of the former and destroying the latter outright.  As Ramprasad Sen sings in one of his wisdom songs, translated by our revered founder, Lex Hixon: “Mother Kali’s Wisdom Thunder rumbles profoundly with a power that can level mountains.”


Short of merely saying so, the many mountains of worldly existence and mundane human convention must actually become subjected to this wisdom thunder that the seers speak of.  These habitual barriers exist in us first, and in others thereafter – at least that is how we should set it up in our minds in order to effectively go about sharing and disseminating Divine Mother’s dharmic teachings to the world at large.

In the opposite fashion, service must be rendered first to others, then thereafter to oneself.
 As Sri Ramakrishna has stated, cryptically, the rare key of inner accomplishment, placed in the inscrutable lock of spirituality, must be turned in the opposite way.  To clarify, since Maya has “made the whole world blind” by causing everything to look and seem the opposite of what it truly is, then it is up to us to correct this unseemly angularity by removing our own ignorance first, then serving others with a newfound power based in right orientation.  So many easily lamentable mistakes and unnecessary karmas will be avoided in the offing.

And, this teaching for the devotees and seekers of Truth, having once been implemented into conscious minds, can thereafter find its way into collective consciousness.  If it can “level mountains,” then maybe it can alleviate bloodshed, stop international wars, or to begin with, prevent violence among members of our own nation — even towards our own family and friends — for such is the shocking situation in this present age of vast technological advancement combined with loss of basic reason and precious spirituality gone missing.

The incomparable Vedanta, what Swami Vivekananda has blessed us with in this age of unforeseen variables, will be our life raft, he, our infallible boatman.  The Avatar, Sri Ramakrishna, and the Divine Mother of the universe Herself, Sri Sarada Devi, have been amongst us here on earth in recent times.  This very thought alone can be enough to awaken Kundalini Shakti in us if we are sincere, devoted, and persistent in all attempts to realize our already ever-pure state of Total Enlightenment.  As one of the teachings in this newsletter proclaims, “Whoever became inspired by thinking of themselves as a sinner?”  Rather, we should “Arise, awake, and stop not until the Goal is reached.”

Peace be unto us,
Peace be unto all.
Babaji Bob Kindler
Spiritual Director
SRV Associations