Holy Mother’s Song of Wisdom

SRV’s First Audio Book
Holy Mother’s Song of Wisdom

The Sri Sarada Vijnanagita, Holy Mother’s Song of Wisdom, is poised for release as an audio book through Audible.  Published recently as a beautiful hardback book, the Sri Sarada Vijnanagita has already become a source of inspiration for many.

“I have found the Sri Sarada Vijnanagita to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration. All that I need to know about spiritual life is there. It is a distilled gem.”

Sri Sarada Devi, wife and spiritual consort of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, and known to the devotees as the Holy Mother, compassionately expresses the highest teachings in deceptively simple statements.  In this new audio book, Her teachings are narrated by Lokelani Kindler, whose deeply moving recitations grace the many devotional wisdom albums of Jai Ma Music. Accompanying the teachings with heart melting poignancy are the exquisite melodies of Babaji Bob Kindler’s Music from the Matrix album series.  We hope to “hear” the release on Audible before the end of the year!

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Listen to a sample

Hard cover book available at www.srv.org and Amazon.com.  Audio book coming soon to Amazon.com