In The Spirit Radio

Lex Hixon hosted this ground-breaking radio program from the 1970’s – early 1990’s on WBAI in New York City. A remarkable time in the spiritual history of the United States, In the Spirit covered and broadcasted an amazing period of great openness and experimentation. In these programs and interviews are captured the Dalai Lama’s first visit to the American people, Mother Teresa, Rebbe Zalman Schachter, Swami Prabhavananda and meetings with other known and unknown spiritual teachers, saints, and practitioners from just about every religious tradition. Over the course of 3 decades and over 300 programs, this unedited series is undoubtedly a unique Interfaith Library and a time capsule of our spiritual history.

To introduce people to some of these programs, we are making a few of them available below for online listening. They are available as downloads from our Online Store for purchase, as well as on CDs.

listen Program 67 — Sri Ramakrishna
Lex Hixon gathers with guest musicians the Quinn Brothers and Steve Kindler to honor Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa at the time of His sacred birthday, offering songs, readings and recitations to the Great Master. (1978)

listen Program 73 — Divine Mother of the Universe
With guests, Donald and Shoshanna, Lex Hixon honors the Divine Mother Reality, reading from the scriptures and reciting the spiritually based poetry of various poet/saints. (1977)

listen Program 12 — Jamgong Kontrul Rinpoche
A Tibetan Buddhist adept who speaks on the various teachings with the help of a translator. (1977)