In The Spirit Individual – Judaism

In The Spirit: Judaism

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154. Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach ~ Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach sings and speaks to many people gathered in Studio C at WBAI Radio on In The Spirit with Lex Hixon. (1973)

155. Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach ~ Lex Hixon hosts Schlomo Carlebach who speaks informally to the radio audience, interprerced with some of his recorded Jewish hymns and songs. (1976)

156. Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach ~ Lex Hixon interviews Shlomo Carlebach and asks questions pertinent to controversial issues relative to various religious traditions in terms of contemporary spiritual life.

157. Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach ~ In the Spirit opens its program to Shlomo Carlebach who, with the help of questions from Lex Hixon, speaks on various Jewish teachings and sings Jewish songs in celebrative fashion.

158. Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach ~ Lex Hixon and Shlomo Carebach celebrate the Shabat with song and teachings and Ram Das makes a guest appearance.

159. Rebbi Gedalia ~ Visiting from Germany, the orthodox Rebbi gives many teachings through a translator and shares some of his personal experiences as well.

160. Rebbi Gedalia ~ Pearl Epstein, guest host, speaks about the path of Judaism and gives a history of Rebbi Gedalia’s life intersperced with several of his songs and recorded talks.

161. Rebbi Gedalia ~ Songs and a tape of Rebbi Gedalia are aired, along with a talk about Judaism and the Rebbi’s teachings between guest host Pearl Epstein and her friend Peter.

162. Rabbi Zalman Schachter ~ Lex Hixon hosts Rabbi Zalman Schachter who speaks on Judaism and sings a song.

163. Rebbi Meyer Fund ~ Rebbi Meyer Fund and Lex Hixon celebrate the high holy days with conversation, teachings and song.

164. Rabbi Dovid Din ~ Lex Hixon hosts Rabbi Dovid Din and speaks with him on religious subjects,. (1980)

165. Rabbi Dovid Din ~ Rabbi Dovid Din appears of Spirit, Mind, Body for a second time and speaks with Lex Hixon about Judaism. (1980)

166. Rabbi Dovid Din ~ With readings, song and questions, Lex Hixon and Rabbi Dovid Din explore the Jewish faith.

167. Rabbi Dovid Din ~ Lex Hixon reads from the Koran as an introduction to Rabbi Dovid Din’s fourth appearance on the show.

168. Rabbi Lynn Gotleib ~ Host Lex Hixon greets Rabbi Lynn Gotleib on Spirit, Mind, Body. (1980)

169. Rabbi Don Singer ~ With song and music, Lex Hixon welcomes Rabbi Don Singer and the two talk about Judaism and Zen Buddism. (1980)

170. Rabbi Don Singer and Helen Glassman ~ To celebrate the high holy days, Lex Hixon invites Helen Glassman, wife of Bernie Glassman Sensei, on the program, and Rabbi Don Singer, both involved with the Zen Center of New York. (1980)

171. Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan ~ Lex Hixon welcomes Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan who speaks on the topic of Jewish Mysticism. 1980)

172. Michael Abisera ~ Michael Abisera and Lex Hixon meet to discuss salient features of the Jewish Faith on the high holy days.

173. Michael Abisera ~ Lex Hixon hosts Michael Abisera for a second time, who speaks of the Jewish tradition and takes phone calls from the radio audience. (no date)

174. Ani (Rabia) Heller ~ Lex Hixon brings Ani Heller on the program and speaks with her about the Kabala and the deeper symbolisms of the Tree of Life. (1977)

175. Pearl Epstein ~ Guest, Pearl Epstein, joins host, Lex Hixon to speak about Kabala, how it is taught and to whom and the problems involved in exposing it to non Jews. (1978)

176. Pearl Epstein ~ Special guest, Pearl Epstein, joins a guest host, and discusses Jewish mystical tradition and her new book, an introduction to Kabala for all interested seekers. (1979)

177. Devora Peck ~ Devora Peck joins Lex Hixon on the program and together they talk about the feminine principle in its relationship to Judaism. (1980)

178. Phillip and Karen Berg ~ Doctor Phillip Berg and his wife, Karen, are invited on the program to speak about their lives and about Jewish mystical teachings and the sharing of such esoteric teachings with others.