In The Spirit Individual – Authors / Professors

In The Spirit: Authors / Professors

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283. William Irvin Thompson ~ Lex Hixon hosts In The Spirit on WBAI radio with his guest William Irvin Thompson. (1974)

284. Huston Smith ~ Accompanied by the music of Vasant Rai and Babaji Bob Kindler, Lex Hixon welcomes author and professor Huston Smith. (1980)

285. Thomas Berry ~ Lex Hixon speaks with Thomas Berry on WBAI radio. (1980)

286. Roy Finch ~ Celebrating the 39th program in two months of Body/Mind/Spirit on the air, Lex Hixon hosts Professor Ray Finch. (1980)

287. Roland Gamon ~ Roland Gamon is the guest on Body/Mind/Spirit and speaks with Lex Hixon about his writings and his life. (1980)

288. On Christopher Isherwood ~ After an offering and some readings on Henry Miller’s death, Lex Hixon speaks on Christopher Isherwood and reads selections from his writings. (1980)

289. Jack Cornfield ~ Lex Hixon interviews author Jack Cornfield on WBAI radio, Body/Mind/Spirit. (1980)

290. Montague Ullman ~ Guest host Patricia Hunt Perry stands in for Lex Hixon and meets with Montague Ullman for conversations. (1980)

291. Rick Fields ~ Along with readings and music, Lex Hixon talks with guest Rick Fields. (1982)

292. David Spangler ~ Lex Hixon offers a program on WBAI radio complete with a taped interview of David Spangler.

293. Alan Watts ~ Lex Hixon and Alan Watts combine for an interesting program complete with music, recitations, readings and discussions centering around spiritual subjects.

294. Allen Ginsburg ~ Special guest Alan Ginsberg joins Lex Hixon and Father Meyer Funt for a program on WBAI radio.

295. Clair Owens ~ Lex Hixon’s guest is Clair Owens on Body/Mind/Spirit.

296. Ira Progoff ~ Lex Hixon’s guest is Ira Progoff on Body/Mind/Spirit.