In The Spirit Individual – New World Politics

In The Spirit: New World Politics

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267. Dr. Martin Luther King ~ Lex Hixon offers a tribute to Martin Luther King with a recorded excerpt of one of Dr. King’s speeches. (1981)

268. Dr. Martin Luther King ~ With music by John Coltrane intersperced with various recitations, Lex Hixon salutes Martin Luther King.

269. Daniel Barrigan ~ Lex Hixon hosts Daniel Barrigan who speaks about his political actions and affiliations. (1976)

270. David Dellinger ~ To the accompaniment of songs by George Harrison and John Morrison, Lex Hixon interviews David Dellinger. (1976)

271. Mark Satin ~ Mark Satin is greeted by Lex Hixon on In The Spirit and gives his thoughts on new age politics and world order. (1980)

272. James Robertson ~ With a taped interview, Lex Hixon introduces James Robertson over the air. (1980)

273. Nathan Shippee ~ Nathan Shippee appears on WBAI and speaks with Lex Hixon about political and spiritual issues. (1980)

274. Henry Jackson ~ Lex Hixon receives guest Henry Jackson who talks on black spirituality and government. (1980)

275. John White ~ On the day of the Mount St. Helens eruption, John White is Lex Hixon’s guest. (1980)

276. Larry Cox ~ Special guest host Eve Quinn has Larry Cox on the program in a show about contemporary politics and other issues. (1980)

277. Reinhold Neibur and U-Thant ~ June Bingham is Lex Hixon’s guest in a show dedicated to Reinhold Neibur and U-Thant.

278. Jerry Rubin ~ On the sacred feast day of St Terese of Liseaux, Lex Hixon interviews Jerry Rubin on WBAI radio.