In The Spirit Individual – Christianity

In The Spirit: Christianity

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46. Mother Teresa & Brother David ~ Lex Hixon speaks with Brother David, a monk of the Benedictine order, and airs an interview he recorded with Mother Teresa in her Bronx mission house.

47. Mother Serena ~ a Rosacrucian nun who conducts healing services in New York City and has been worshipping there for 52 years. (1976)

48. Padre Pio ~ A program dedicated to the renowned priest, Padre Pio, is given by Lex Hixon who shares readings about his daily life and reflections about his stigmata and spiritual experiences.

49. Meister Ekharta ~ program consisting purely of readings from the writings of Meister Ekhart, the great thirteenth century German Christian mystic.

50. Jorge Waxenburg ~ With the aid of a translator, Lex Hixon interviews Jorge Waxenburg, who speaks about the order of Koff, its founder and its principles.

51. Jorge Waxenburg ~ another program about the spiritual teachings of the order of Koff, an esoteric order which originated in Argentina. (1979)

52. Jorge Waxenburg ~ After a lapse of six months, Lex Hixon meets with Jorge Waxenburg once again, reads from his works and asks him to present teachings. (1979)

53. Jorge Waxenburg ~ Lex Hixon interviews Jorge Waxenburg and reads some of his writings with a special emphasis on the function of spiritual directorship. (1979)

54. Dr. Nathan Wright ~ Episcopal Minister, author and leader of Greater Things Ministries. (1980)

55. Dr. Nathan Wright ~ graduate of Harvard Divinity School, is interviewed for a second time and talks about his work with Greater Things Ministries. (1980)

56. Father Daniel Barrigan ~ minister and poet, who speaks about his radical political action of 1980 with regards to nuclear disarmament.

57. Eric Butterworth ~ Lex Hixon airs a taped interview with Eric Butterworth, a teacher associate with Unitarian Church who guides spiritual aspirants at the Unitarian Center for Practice.

58. Sister Judith ~ a healer and devotee of the Lord. (1977)

59. Jesus Christ ~ Lex Hixon and guests host a Christmas program with music and readings.

60. Mother Mary and the Annunciation ~ Lex Hixon offers a special program in commemoration of the Annunciation, the announcement of the Incarnation, with special emphasis on the Virgin Mary. (1980 or 81)