In The Spirit Individual – Esoteric / Occult / New Age

 In The Spirit: Esoteric / Occult / New Age

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313. Pat Rodagast ~ Lex Hixon hosts Pat Rodagast who channels Emanuel. (1978)

314. Pat Rodagast ~ Psychic Pat Rodagast appears on In The Spirit for a second time and gets in touch with Emanuel over the air.

315. Elizabeth Stratton ~ Guest host Eve Quinn greets Elizabeth Stratton as her guest on WBAI radio. (1980)

316. Arica ~ Members of Arica are Lex Hixon’s guests and speak about the purpose and activities of the organization. (1980)

317. C.T. Cayce on Edgar Cayce ~ Edgar Cayce’s grandson joins Lex Hixon for a discussion of the famous psychic’s works and life. (1982)

318. Ann Harrison ~ Lex Hixon speaks with Ann Harrison on spiritual topics.