In The Spirit Individual – The Sacred Arts

In The Spirit: The Sacred Arts

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205. Maria Illo ~ Interspersed with poetry recitations, music and song, Lex Hixon interviews Mario Illo. (1971 or 72)

206. Lex Hixon ~ hosts Indira Danks who sings songs and speaks about her musical history. (1974)

207. On Haiku ~ The work of four Haiku poets are recited by Lex Hixon and his guests who also speak about the nature and history of Haiku poetry. (1976)

208. Don Heller and Shoshanna ~ After a taped excerpt of Lex Hixon and Karol Shive on guitar and violin, Lex introduces Don Heller who plays on the Saltry and speaks about ancient music. (1976)

209. Frederick Frank ~ Guest host Mary Patricia welcomes Frederick Frank and speaks with him on his life and the arts. (1979)

210. Frederick Frank ~ Frederick Frank joins Lex Hixon on In The Spirit for a second time for a discussion on art and creativity. (1980)

211. Mystic Poetry ~ With music and recitation, host Lex Hixon celebrates the poetic artform in conjunction with several special guests. (1980)

212. John Anthony West ~ Utilizing music and readings of Lubich and others, Lex Hixon and guest John Anthony West perform and discuss the arts. (1980)

213. Mimi Lobelle ~ Patricia Hunt substitutes as host for Lex Hixon and has Mimi Lobelle on the program. (1980)

214. Paul Winter ~ Lex Hixon hosts special guest musician Paul Winter who speaks on his life in music and plays his recent recordings.

215. Alice Coltrane ~ Alice Coltrane, musician, author and wife of famous jazz musician John Coltrane joins Lex Hixon on his program.

216. Donald Heller and Anicet ~ Versatile musician Donald Heller is Lex Hixon’s guest on In The Spirit and plays the Hurty-Gurty.

217. Poetry ~ Lex Hixon and various guests recite poetry against a musical background.

218. Starscape Singers ~ The professional singing ensemble, Starscape Singers, appear on WBAI radio, performing some of their songs and speaking about their respective lives and music.

219. Kenneth Mills/Starscape Singers ~ The conductor and inspiration of Starscape Singers, Kenneth Mills, is interviewed by Lex Hixon about his musical vision one week after his group appears on In The Spirit.

220. Elizabeth Cogburn ~ Dancer Elizabeth Cogburn joins Lex Hixon on the program to talk about dance and her life.

221. John Morrison ~ Lex Hixon, who used John Morrison’s songs in his program often, interviews the songwriter about music and spiritual life.

222. John Bertkowski ~ In a program on Haiku, Lex Hixon hosts John Bertkowski.