In The Spirit Individual – Women’s Spirituality

In The Spirit: Women’s Spirituality

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244. Sister Palmo, Flora Courtois & Ma Yogashakti ~ Lex Hixon does a program on three women of the Spirit dedicated to shakti power. (1977)

245. Jean Vanderhoff ~ Enhanced by music and sacred poetry, Lex Hixon and Jean Vanderhoff combine to do a program on women and spirituality.

246. Imam Ibrani ~ Lex Hixon introduces Imam Ibrani who speaks on meditation and spiritual life intersperced with chanting, music and recitation. (1980)

247. Simone Weil ~ Guest host Eve Quinn pays tribute to Simone Weil and reads extensively from her writings.

248. Kathy Loakes ~ Kathy Loakes appears on WBAI radio with host Lex Hixon. (1980)

249. Rabbia Heller ~ Accompanied with recitation and music, Lex Hixon hosts Rabbia Heller and talks to her about spiritual subjects. 1980)

250. Imam Ibrani ~ Lex Hixon welcomes back Imam Ibrani to the program and speaks with her about spirituality and the feminine approach. (1980)