In The Spirit Individual – Islam and Sufism

In The Spirit: Islam & Sufism

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124. Sheikh Muzafer ~ Lex Hixon’s revered guest is Sheikh Muzafer, spiritual leader of the Halveti Dervishes of Istanbul, who speaks about the Koran and the religion of Islam. (1978)

125. Sheikh Muzafer ~ After returning from pilgrimage in Islam, Lex Hixon gives a program on Sheikh Muzafer and the dervishes of the Jerrahi order, complete with a long, authentic recitation of parts of the Koran. (1978)

126. Sheikh Muzafer ~ Along with chants from the Koran and taped portions of Dziker, Sheikh Muzafer speaks on Allah, the most High and on the blessed prophet Mohammed. (1979)

127. Sheikh Muzafer ~ With the help of a translator, Sheihk Muzafer Affendi speaks and answers questions posed by Lex Hixon about the Islamic religion. (1979)

128. Sheikh Muzafer ~ Woven in with strains of middle Eastern music from the Turkish Ney, the Islamic Sheikh from the Jerrahi Order of Halveti Dervishes speaks about the religion of Islam and leads Muslim prayers over the air. (1980)

129. Sheikh Muzafer ~ The Sheikh continues his visit in New York and appears on WBAI again along with several of his dervishes. (1980)

130. Sheikh Muzafer ~ In a series of programs on WBAI with Lex Hixon and Sheikh Muzafer, the sheikh discourses on the glories of Allah amidst segments of chanting of the Koran. (1980)

131. Sheikh Muzafer ~ Sheikh Muzafer, his translator and Lex Hixon discuss the many facets of Allah’s love and compassion.

132. Sheikh Muzafer ~ Lex Hixon questions Sheikh Muzafer about the subject of Divine Love.

133. Sheikh Muzafer ~ Along with music and chanting of the Koran, Lex Hixon introduces Sheikh Muzafer again and listens to teachings from the Islamic religion.

134. Guru Bawa ~ Guru Bawa speaks at length about God and spiritual life in his first appearance on WBAI radio, In The Spirit. (1973)

135. Guru Bawa ~ After an introduction by Lex Hixon, Guru Bawa offers songs and wisdom from his tradition with the help of a translator. (1973)

136. Guru Bawa ~ In his third appearance on In The Spirit, Guru Bawa continues to expand on the teachings of his tradition using stories and songs. (1973)

137. Guru Bawa ~ Interperced with exerpts of Guru Bawa’s songs and teachings, Lex Hixon talks with some of Bawa’s students who relate their various experiences with him. (1975)

138. Guru Bawa ~ Lex Hixon welcomes Guru Bawa and some of his devotees and offers a program of Bawa’s songs combined with exerpts of his student’s spiritual experiences, (1975)

139. Guru Bawa ~ With a translator, Guru Bawa appears again on In The Spirit to give teachings and sing songs from his sacred tradition. (1976)

140. Guru Bawa’s students ~ Two musicians, Dave and Les, students of Guru Bawa and followers of his teachings, meet with Lex Hixon to discuss spiritual life and offer songs. (1977)

141. Guru Bawa ~ In studio C at WBAI Radio, Guru Bawa gives a long discourse, with Lex Hixon as host and two hundred students and friends of the Ceylonese saint in attendence. (1978)

142. Guru Bawa ~ Guru Bawa appears on In The Spirit again to speak on spiritual matters with Lex Hixon as host. (1980)

143. Guru Bawa’s students ~ Mitch and Sonja, Guru Bawa’s students, appear with Lex Hixon on In The Spirit to talk about their guru and how his teachings have affected their life.

144. Guru Bawa ~ Lex Hixon reads from a manuscript written by Guru Bawa and asks him questions on spiritual life.

145. Pir Vilayet Khan ~ Lex Hixon and Pir Vilayet Khan speak on spiritual matters centering around the subject of universality. (1978)

146. Pir Vilayet Khan ~ Lex Hixon hosts Pir Vilayet Khan, spiritual leader of the Sufi Order of the West, and about a hundred of his followers who meet in Studio C at WBAI radio.

147. Pir Vilayet Khan ~ Lex Hixon hosts Pir Vilayet Khan and interviews him, giving the Sufi leader a chance to discuss a wide variety of spiritual teachings while answering various questions posed to him.

148. Pir Vilayet Khan ~ Pir Vilayet Khan performs his Cosmic Mass over the radio after discussing its ramifications.

149. Lex Hixon on Islam ~ Lex Hixon gives an introduction to Islamic religion, reads from its scriptures and takes phone calls from listeners who discuss their views on the youngest of the world’s religions. (1980)

150. Lex Hixon on the Koran ~ With accompaniment of Islamic music and recitation, Lex Hixon gives an introduction to the Koran and reads excerpts from the holy book of the Muslims. (1980)

151. Rick Moody ~ Lex Hixon invites Rick Moody on the program, a contemporary practitioner of the Islamic religion, and they discuss some of the teachings of the blessed prophet, Mohammed.