In The Spirit Individual – Shamanism / American Indian

 In The Spirit: Shamanism / American Indian

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200. Oh Shinnah ~ The American Indian way is discussed between Lex Hixon and his guest, O Shinnah, a native American Indian of the Mohawk/Apache tribes. (1980)

201. Oh Shinnah ~ The native American Indian, O Shinnah, appears again on WBAI Radio with host Lex Hixon. (1980)

202. Dhani Thorna ~ Guest host Eve Quinn greets Dhani Thorna, a Cherokee Indian woman who speaks on the indigenous peoples and their way.

203. Doug Boyd on Rolling Thunder ~ Lex Hixon introduces Doug Boyd, who speaks on the controversial American Indian figure, Rolling Thunder.

204. On Don Juan ~ Lex Hixon takes the radio listeners through readings and discussions about Don Juan, Carlos Casteneda’s shamanic literary character.