In The Spirit Individual – Lex Hixon on Himself

In The Spirit: Lex Hixon on Himself

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319. Lex Hixon on Haj ~ Fresh from his return on pilgrimage to Mecca, Lex Hixon gives an enthralling program on his travels and experiences in Saudi Arabia. (1980)

320. Lex Hixon on the Karmapa ~ Speaking on various Buddhist teachers, Lex Hixon gives his impressions on his experiences and encounters with the Karmapa. (1975)

321. Meditation with Lex Hixon ~ Lex Hixon speaks to the radio audience and guides them through a meditation.

322. Lex Hixon on Himself ~ In spontaneous fashion, Lex Hixon speaks about his spiritual experiences with different religious traditions.