In The Spirit Individual – Physical & Mental Health

In The Spirit: Physical & Mental Health

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223. Shyam Bhatnagar ~ Healer Shyam Bhanagar joins Lex Hixon. (1975)

224. Vincent Ragone ~ Vincent Ragone appears on In The Spirit to talk about healing with Lex Hixon. (1976)

225. Vincent Ragone ~ Guest host Mary Patricia Hunt has Vincent Ragone on the program for the second time. (1978)

226. Death and Dying ~ The subject of death and dying is explored by guest host Mary Patricia Hunt. (1978)

227. Michael Murphy ~ Athelete Michael Murphy is on the show to talk about sports and his new book with Lex Hixon. (1978)

228. Uechiro Mushido & Fred Laboyer ~ With discussions on the spiritual side of sports and unique discipline, Lex Hixon has two separate and unrelated guests on his program. (1978)

229. Satya Miriam & Bob Stagnito ~ Guest host Eve Quinn interviews healers Bob Stagnito and Satya Miriam on In The Spirit. (1979)

230. Mufundeshi Massi ~ Substituting for Lex Hixon, host Eve Quinn talks with Mufundeshi Massi about Yoga and African American disciplines. (1979)

231. Delores Krieger ~ Lex Hixon speaks with Delores Krieger about health and therapy. (1980)

232. Dirk Loakes ~ Dirk Loakes appears on WBAI radio with Lex Hixon. (1980)

233. Dirk & Kathleen Loakes ~ Lex Hixon talks with Dirk and Kathleen Loakes about healing.

234. Rudolf Ballantine ~ Doctor Rudolph Ballantine joins Lex Hixon for a radio interview. (1980)

235. Janet Rainwater ~ Guest host Eve Quinn speaks with Doctor Janet Rainwater about healing therapy. (1980)

236. Don Yott ~ Don Yott is Lex Hixon’s guest on WBAI, Body/Mind/Spirit. (1980)

237. Nada Severdya ~ Eve Quinn talks to Nada Severdya on a show dedicated to discussion about Aikido. (1980)

238. Marilyn Henderson ~ Guest host Eve Quinn has Marilyn Henderson on the program who is a practitioner of Siddha Yoga as well as a therapist. (1980)

239. Stephan Jones ~ Lex Hixon introduces Stephan Jones from the Seva Foundation who speaks on healing and takes phone calls for discussion. (1980)

240. Gary Null ~ In a program about healing and therapy, Lex Hixon hosts Gary Null.

241. Gene Kieffer ~ Gene Kieffer is the radio guest who speaks on the subject of healing with host Lex Hixon and with the radio audience over the phone.

242. Pat Carrington ~ Doctor Pat Carrington and Lex Hixon discuss various aspects of healing between themselves and with the radio audience.

243. Nancy Baker on Dying ~ In a program dedicated to the topic of death and dying, Lex Hixon hosts Nancy Baker.