Hari Om Ramanam

$15.00 each

This album of chants and bhajans concentrates on Sri Ramachandra, the Avatar of the Treta Yuga, who is worshipped by devotees around the world. Inspired songwriters from India's ancient and prolific past are featured in selections which capture the sweet energy and profound wisdom that always emanates from Sri Ramachandra and His divine consort, Sita. It features several songs by India's beloved devotee, Tulasidas. Featuring our Shakti Choir, these musical offerings induces deep states of heartfelt devotion to the Supreme Being.


"Congratulations! Hari Om Ramanam — a masterpiece." – A.H., Maine

"This is an unbelievably powerful album with such sweetness. Sri Ram is utterly invoked in these songs. The joy and majesty of His Presence is right there with the first thrilling sounds." – A.S., Hawaii

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