Retreat 2013: Goddess / Retreat 2014: Mantra Tapas

2014 SRV Retreats

Hand in Hand to the Goal…

Retreats are an essential practice for people living and working in the world.  Sri Ramakrishna clearly and frequently advised his householder disciples to retreat from the world periodically for spiritual reorientation.  Today, we can imagine him telling us to leave our computers, cell phones, and internet capabilities home, enter retreat in holy company and concentrate our minds completely on God.  When the world and its seemingly crucial activities are ultimately all zeros, we must saturate ourselves with the “1” (All-Pervading Divine Reality, Brahman/God) that gives existence and meaning to all else.  

woodsRetreats are an intensification of spiritual transmission from the teacher to both individuals and the sangha as a whole.  Swami Vivekananda once stated that as individuals we might not all be able to attain enlightenment, but as a community we can.  Swami Aseshanandaji has affirmed that Vedantists go hand in hand to the goal.  Retreats make this happen.

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