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kali-24 Twenty-Four Aspects of Mother Kali

Who could forget their own mother, what to speak of the Mother of all souls? Kali, the Divine Mother of the Universe, emerges from these pages to engulf one with infinite love in this extraordinary description of Her many divine aspects.  Mother Kali is the Universal Archetype, the primeval Matriarch, the all-pervasive, indivisible ocean of pure Consciousness which is simultaneously Transcendent, Immanent, and Absolute. Twenty-Four Aspects of Mother Kali represents an attempt to remind humanity of their divine parentage, of their source of origin, and of their perfect inner nature.– Babaji Bob Kindler, from the introduction.


durga-10The Ten Divine Articles of Sri Durga

The warrior Goddess of Wisdom holds 10 divine weapons that defeat negativity and benefit aspiring beings. Exhilarating explanations of their symbolism are balanced with practical guided meditations.




atman-all We Are Atman All-Abiding

This poem was written for Lex Hixon, author of Great Swan: Meetings with Ramakrishna and Divine Mother of the Universe and founder of the National SRV Association, before he passed away in November, 1995. “Responding by letter, Lex wrote, “This is an American classic, a true assimilation of the Kali Advaita. It is filled with lightness as well as with Light, and it will move the hearts of many aspirants. The most advanced spiritual thinking (or beyond thinking) is here expressed in the subtlest way. A true sign of realization.”



hasta-amalakaHasta-Amalaka Stotram: A Hymn of Eternal Enlightenment

These are the first words out of the mouth of the young Hastamalakacharya, one of the foremost disciples of the great Adi Shankaracharya. The appeal of this ancient hymn lies in the nondual nature of its expression, an uncompromising assertion of the absolute identity between God and man, creature and Creator, the Soul present in all called the Atman and the ocean of Pure Consciousness called Brahman. Babaji Bob Kindler breaks down the stotram and provides commentary on each stanza as it applies to the modern spiritual practitioner.