Autumn 2009

Notes from Babaji’s Classes in Oregon; arranged thematically

AUM & Intelligence
The power of the Word is very underestimated.  In the beginning is the Word, which is Ma’s own pool of potential, like a hidden cosmic chest of drawers.  In the depths is that changeless Reality, Akhanda Satchitananda; It links us all together.  But when Christ talked of the Word, He didn’t mean that ultimate substratum, but the pool of potential where everything rises and falls. 

Any triputi* you look at could be placed under Aum.  This is why we chant “Om purnamadah….” (What cannot be seen by the senses and mind is infinite, and what can be seen by them is also infinite.  From the Infinite the finite has come, but being Infinite, only infinite remains.)  This is also why the Seer stated in the Mandukya Upanisad, ” All this world is the syllable Om.  Its further explanation is this: the past, the present, the future — everything is just Om.  And whatever transcends the three divisions of time — that , too, is just Om.”
[*Triputi: triple teaching or system, i.e. time, space, causation; past, present, future; creation, preservation, destruction; knower, known, act of knowing, etc.]

The scientist splits the atom and brooks destruction, but the spiritual scientist splits the Word and releases tremendous spiritual power.

The Power of Mother is in the Word.

Words do not only stretch out to objects outside of us, but stretch inward to the subtle worlds.

What does it mean to merge in the Word?  This means to return name and form, and all the karma that goes with it, to Brahma/Mahat.  Then meditation is possible.  And in this way we prove to ourselves we are birthless, deathless beings, and not merely a mind and body.

Your body is the sign that you have prarabdha karma.  The arrows of past karmas have been released from the bow of the present life and now you have to live with it.  So just affirm, “I am He,” and stay close to Him/Her — this does away with all karmas from all lifetimes.

Words – matras, padas, varna-mala – are so important.  If our words and conversations are mundane, they are mere “low grade mantras.”  By reciting them over and over we lose both the sensitivity of our awareness and the knowledge of deeper realms of wisdom within us.

When mind, senses, intellect, and mental force increase in capacity, then the mind becomes imbued with “the Peace that passes understanding,” with the Light of Intelligence.

Consciousness is indivisible, and the mind is a tool that can tune into all the different levels possible within It.

Because you didn’t recognize the presence of Intelligence in prior lifetimes, you entered this life without knowing or remembering.

Intelligence never develops.  The kind of intelligence that does develop is called “my intelligence,” and is lorded over by the limited and selfish ego.