Prison Ministry Fundraiser

Serving Schools for Struggling Souls

There is a growing recognition in our Portland Community and elsewhere that we all must step up to the plate to help inmates prepare themselves for re-entering our communities as the valuable beings they really are.  Spiritual teachings, mentoring, camaraderie, and live social networking play a crucial role in this process along with the inmate’s own resolve.

SRV Associations currently puts most of its resources in this endeavor toward inmates still in prison, driving 1000’s of miles a year and incurring other travel costs as we visit the distant facilities. Books, Nectar, and postage are other costs. Vedanta libraries need building up and qualified volunteers are also needed.

A Fundraiser is planned in 2010, possibly October. The potential of this event, both for funding and also as an educational and networking opportunity, is substantial. We are not the only ones doing this work, and each organization’s story and emphasis is fascinating and inspiring. But we need volunteers to bring this potential into manifestation. See below for a description of this event as currently envisioned.

Volunteers Needed!! Contact Annapurna asap! 503-774-2410. We need people to help gather silent auction items, sell tickets, set up educational tables, set up media promotions, graphics work, and more.

Prison Program Fundraiser
(Portland, Oregon)
This is definitely going to be a fun, fascinating, and educational opportunity connecting us to a wider spiritual community bringing spiritual and dignified tools to an important and increasingly crucial social issue.


  • Guest Speakers
    • from faith-based, community, and governmental organizations serving the spiritual and re-entry needs of prison inmates
    • prison “alumni”
  • Great Vegetarian Food at a Portland restaurant
  • Silent Auction
  • Live music (we hope)
  • Book and DVD table

Goal: $7800

  • establish solid Vedanta libraries at 6 institutions
  • support the travel expenses of our volunteers who travel hundreds of miles to bring Vedanta Teachings to inmates
  • support correspondence, Nectar, and books to inmates