Summer 2009: SRV San Francisco

arati2Babaji’s recent summer visit to SRV San Francisco was during the usually foggy month of July, and our first morning class began at 9:30 a.m. on July 4th.  You could hear the neighbors getting ready for their afternoon barbecues, and knew much of the city was looking forward to the celebration of a night sky illumined with a boom of sparkling colorful lights.  Yet on this morning, SRV students listened to Vivekananda’s teachings:  Higher Knowledge, States of Consciousness, and the Attributes of Turiya.  An evening puja illuminating Ishvara by candlelight, and a garland offering to Swami Vivekananda was our reminder of courage and independence from our own small self.

In class many of us copied as much as we could of Babaji’s presented series of SRV charts outlining and categorizing Vedantic truths.  So, an attempt to re-create from my own notes will not take place here.  My effort is to serve and not confuse, so I will only share phrases of my notes and my own written thoughts during class.  It is not my intention to restate the profound and prophetic original writings to satisfy any era of understanding.  A bent towards metaphors and poetic prose is my style.  The above a preface to my writing below:

Don’t Shake Your Buddhi, Illumine Your Mind

Videhamukti comes only once
Bodhisattva is the jivamukta that comes again and again
The remote cause is Om
Om is the Word, has vibration
Is the lower (saguna) Brahman.

Be balanced in all-pervasive Oneness
Emanating out of Om.

When you see Om
You will see the light shine off of It.

Jyoti / Light
Bodhisattava / Illumined Mind
We’ve heard It again and again
But can we remember
In a flash
Through the silver cord
Life to life…

Julie M. 2009