Retreat Reflections

Fall 2009 at Buckhorn Springs: Mother KaliThe Divine Mother Principle Revealed

Reflection on the Divine Mother Retreat, October 2009,  as seen through
the First Stanza of Swami Vivekananda’s “Song of the Sannyasin”

Buckhorn streamThe song that had its birth far off
was awakened at the Divine Mother Retreat,
Her voice revealed
in the pristine brook beside the Inn
at Buckhorn Springs. 

In the joy of Holy Company,
worldly attachments became faint echoes,
unable to break the pervading calm.  

The stream of knowledge and truth
rolled sweetly from the lips of the blessed guru.  
Unimaginable bliss followed both
and flowed through the sacred music. 
May we sing high that song forever more.

— Akshaya
“Song of the Sannyasin” by Swami Vivekananda
Stanza One
Wake up the note, the song that had its birth far off,
where worldly taint could never reach.
In mountain caves and glades of forest deep, whose calm no
sigh for lust or wealth or fame could ever dare to break,
where rolled the stream of knowledge, truth, and
bliss that follows both,
sing high that note, Sannyasin bold.
Say, Om Tat Sat, Om