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And Mother Claps Her Hands…


James Grazzini of the Big Island of Hawaii was recently initiated while traveling in India.

Jami was one of the pilgrims on the recent tour of India with Babaji. He had made the decision to be initiated but it came about in a most auspicious circumstance. He and Babaji were in the Master’s room at the Dakshineswar Temple. They were absorbed in the meditative atmosphere still permeated with the spiritual vibrations of all that occurred in that very space over a century ago. Suddenly Babaji tapped Jami on the shoulder and said that he felt an inner prompting that the initiation should take place then and there. The initiation indeed took place, the sacred mantra was given, and Jami received the name Sanatanand, which means “Eternal Bliss.” Sanatanand says that he “will work on it”.

Sanatanand first met Babaji at a concert, and after hearing Babaji speak between musical offerings he knew that he wanted to take in more teachings.

Sanatanand has been a student of Kung Fu for 32 years and has imbibed other spiritual teachings as well. He was drawn in by the universality of Ramakrishna Vedanta and is impressed with the broadmindedness of this path, as well as the great depth of the teachings that come through Babaji.

Currently living on the Puna side of the Big Island, Sanatanand is involved with sustainable construction and is nearing completion of a house that he has been building for himself.

Sanatanand will be helping SRV to develop a presence on Facebook, and we look forward to his continued presence in the Sangha.


Mahesh Madhav of the Bay Area also had the good fortune to be initiated in the Master’s room at the Dakshineswar Kali temple during the most recent India pilgrimage. He received the name Manojaya which means “Victory over the Mind.”

Mahesh continues to use his birth name, which is a name for Shiva, and was given to him via a family tradition. Both names embody powerful qualities to aspire to realise.

Mahesh found SRV through his explorations in world music, which led to him finding a Jai Ma Music album in a Portland record shop. This inspired him to seek out Babaji via the internet and he soon started regularly attending classes and retreats. He has quickly taken in the teachings with great enthusiasm. The experience of the transmission of the Vedantic teachings has made him feel like “a kid in a candy store.”

Mahesh is continuing solidly on the path since initiation, deepening his studies and japa practice. “Steady as she goes,” as he puts it.

He works as a designer for computer microprocessors and we have enjoyed his attendance at SRV Portland whenever his business travels allow.