Retreats: Time to Deepen Our Practice

“Our daily life is missing something.  It is missing experience of the Self.  …Ordinary people only experience something like this in deep sleep, but that is incomplete because it is covered by nescience, the lack of conscious awareness.” — Babaji during a recent class.

Is it not true? Most of us find that without the chance to retreat from our daily life for several days at a time, it is hard — nearly impossible — to break through the crust of mundane mind and its myriad concerns to enjoy inner bliss.  And if we do get a glimpse, our time is up and we have to attend to something.  On retreat, we can have longer meditations, take meditative walks, receive injections of mind-sharpening wisdom from Babaji, all giving us a “tune up” to keep our dharmic engines running better when retreat is over.

We have two more retreats left for this year: