Message from the Spiritual Director

Dear SRV students and interested readers:
My Spiritual Director’s message for this issue of the Mundamala is brief and in step with the present times – that is, all that is taking place in SRV at this time in our lives.  What I see of late is the Divine Mother/Holy Mother working through us in a way that is defining SRV in terms of a service-based organization.  Since before its inception, SRV has had all the tools for sadhana and spiritual life in place.  I made sure of that during the two decades of spiritual practice I accomplished leading up to SRV’s beginnings.  Others of us were also in similar preparation mode, knowingly or unknowingly.  But a way to spread our bounty, and what has transpired and manifested since, to the world at large was missing.  Gratefully, that gap is now beginning to be filled by our dedicated officers, selfless volunteers, and monthly donors to the cause.
And what is the cause?  Not “cause” as in cause and effect, which is the way of the ordinary worker, but rather an Ideal.  “Enlightenment for all,” which is the commonly espoused spiritual ideal of the time, would not suffice as a description for us, for, as Advaitists, we know of nothing other than enlightenment, despite appearances otherwise.  So, on this plane of existence, “Work the plan,” as Swamiji said.  If this world is the field of action, and we find ourselves tied into it for the time being, then we will accomplish work as worship, duty as devotion, study as sacrifice, and all movement as meditation. Try on the “Four Yogas” ideal, then, and as the Upanisads declare, “swiftly reach the Goal of human existence.”

Listen with rapt attention, all ye who yearn to awaken:
I have found and seen the Great Light of which all traditions speak.
It is the Ever-Free, the Immortal, the open heart’s true Darling.
Seeing That, the human is Divine, forevermore…..