Nectar News

Babaji, staff, and great writers from many perspectives are preparing for our next “best ever” issue of Nectar of Non-Dual Truth, #26, for 2011.  Thanks to readers and sangha members, our last issue (#25) is being circulated all over the San Francisco Bay Area, Portland, and Seattle.  There are still copies left to distribute. Contact us and we will send you a package to distribute at your favorite places. Ph:808-990-3354 or email

Nectar Funders Needed for #26

Our Goal: $5,000

Still need: $3450

Nectar is a free annual publication that operates on the generous donations of readers and supporters.  We currently distribute 2100 copies across the U.S., India and other countries.  Individuals, prison inmates, study groups, religious, spiritual, and community organizations are all the recipients of this Nectar of Nondual Truth.

nectarInside Nectar #26

Reason and Enlightenment, Swami Aseshananda

– Time, Space, & Causation in Indian Philosophy, Babaji Bob Kindler

– Dharma for the 21st Century, Dr. A.K. Merchant

– Jain Meditation Techniques, Swami Brahmeshananda

Sufism / Islam
– One Seamless Unity of Being, Sheikha Ayshegul Ashki
Essene Christianity
– The Father and I are One, Paravasta Sam Bailey

– Quest for a Relationship with the Creator, Rabbi Melech Matthew Peltz

– Continuing Revelation:  A Quaker Way of Knowing, Laura Magnani

– Divine Consciousness & Human Inspiration: Some Christian Insights
into Hindu Devotional Poetry, Professor Francis X. Clooney

And more……