Babaji’s letter



Dear SRV Sangha helping the world,

We have an opportunity to do some rare outreach at this time, and we can accomplish it as an ensemble rather than just as individuals. The forthcoming Prison Benefit event, October 24th, is a fund raiser designed to provide some income for SRV’s prison ministries so that the students in prison we teach locally, here in Oregon, can receive crucial materials which help transform their lives.

It is hard to imagine how dreary life would be if most of the freedoms one enjoyed were suddenly taken away. This is the case with people in prisons, men and women who are much like us but who have fallen on hard times and are reaping some negative karmas. I have seen how a few Vedantic texts placed in an institutional library, a personal visit by a spiritual teacher, or an inspiring class on Indian scriptures have galvanized many souls, and made their lives worth living – restored that sense of higher purpose that can and should grace human existence.


This rare opportunity, then, is given to us so that we can serve God in humanity. We all know how Swami Vivekananda felt about this level of service, how he would go out of his way to help even evil persons suffering from delusion and other effects of ignorance. Well, the people I have met in prisons are not evil; I have not met one that is. And they are exceedingly willing to step up to encounter and implement the spiritual teachings that we can provide for them if we maintain the standards set by us for our organization.

Basically, we need the sangha members and other volunteers to contribute on three levels: 1) financially, 2) with services, and 3) with time. In brief, buying a ticket to this event and attending is one type of aid that can be extended. Becoming a sponsor for this event and offering services is another. Finally, donating time for the many activities and works it takes to put on an event of this nature is another form of service. Please consider one or all of these alternatives, and feel the privilege of doing your part. For information and directions please contact Annapurna Sarada at the SRV Ashrama in Portland, or write to the email address regarding ideas and questions.


Babaji Bob Kindler
Spiritual Director
SRV Associations