Babaji’s Summer Visit is Here!

You can print out Babaji’s 2010 year schedule for mainland centers by clicking here.

waterfallSRV San Francisco
465 Brussels St., San Francisco, CA 94134, 415-468-4680,

July 2010, Meditation daily at 6:00am

7/16 Fri
— 7:00pm, Arati Satsang
7/17 Sat
— 9:30am, Class: Vivekachudamani, Crest Jewel of Discrimination
— 7:00pm, SRV Puja
7/18 Sun
— 9:30am, Class: Vivekachudamani
7/19 Mon
— 7:00pm, Arati/Satsang
7/20 Tue
— 7:00pm, Arati/Satsang

SRV’s Retreat at the American River
Northern California, Fri, July 23 – Thu, July 29, 2010
Full details and registration form at: click here
Call 415-468-4680 or 808-990-3354

SRV Oregon
4204 SE 31st Ave, Portland, OR 97202 503-774-2410,
July/August 2010: (Call for meditation times)

7/31 Sat 9:30am Class: Vivekachudamani, The Crest Jewel of Discrimination, 7:00pm Arati/Satsang
8/1 Sun 9:30am Class: Vivekachudamani, 1:00pm Sangha Meeting with Babaji
8/6 Fri 7:00pm Arati/Satsang
8/7 Sat 9:30am Class: Avatar and His Ishvarakotis, 6:00pm SRV Puja/Siva Puja
8/8 Sun 9:30am Class: Vivekachudamani
8/13 Fri 7:00pm Arati/Satsang
8/14 Sat 9:30am Class: Vivekachudamani, 6:00pm SRV Puja/Siva Puja
8/15 Sun 9:30am Class: Teachings from the Bhagavad Gita

Suggested Donation: $20; No one turned away for lack of funds

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