Oh Ma!

Ma –
I have felt so tucked away with You.
Snuggling in and just holding You close.
I feel You in my heart
as a pulse, a fiery glow.
Burn Ma burn.
Ignite this fire within.
Let the bellows of the breath
feed the flame so that it burns
deeper, wider, higher. 
Agni – swaha.
Fire and ash.
The fire of renunciation.
The fire of discrimination.
The bonfire of our desires!

Oh Ma.
This flame is our offering to You.
Because we place everything upon it.
Our joys and our sorrows,
our humility, our pride,
all the opposites,
all the qualities that Ramakrishna speaks of.
With bowed head and outstretched hands
we place them at Your feet.
The bonfire of our hearts
for You to turn to ash.
Within this surrender
we ask for only one thing to remain.
The request of Ramakrishna –
pure love of Thee.

How precious is this transformational element!
Nothing can withstand its heat.
There is no chance of escape.
When the perfect conditions are present
for a fire to burn –
create the spark, and it will ignite.
Roaring into existence.
Oh Ma!
Like the roar of Durga’s lion!

— Tara Robertson