Summer 2010: Dissolving the Mindstream

Dissolving the Mindstream

During Babaji’s visits to the mainland there is always a particular thread running through the various themes and their corresponding teachings.  As I looked through my notes, “Dissolving the mindstream” was that thread over Babaji’s 2010 summer visit.  This is both a Yogic and Vedantic meditation, called involution, that extracts one’s consciousness from apparently “external” gross objects, then from “internal” subtle objects, until one’s consciousness abides in Consciousness alone – Brahman, Paramatman, Chidakasha, Paramasiva.  This meditation cannot be done without a cosmology, which explains why Babaji has, over the past 17 years of SRV’s history, been insisting that we learn our Sankhya. (Jai Lord Kapila!).  That system underlies Patanjala Yoga, Vedanta, Tantra, and Yoga Vasishtha.  So it is no surprise that throughout this last visit, Babaji pulled out chart after chart presenting this cosmology from each of these perspectives and the process of involution again and again.  Thus, may we row, row, row our boats assiduously up the mindstream, deftly converging all tributaries, gross to subtle and subtle most, to our Source.

It may be of interest to everyone that Babaji will lead us through the meditation of Dissolving the Mindstream at the upcoming Kundalini Yoga Retreat, October 7 – 11.  Further, December’s Hawaii Retreat will focus specifically on the Sankhya darshana of Lord Kapila.  Please see our retreats page.

The following are from a student’s notebook.