River Retreat Reflection

Dear SRV Sangha –

I had the graceful gift of a life-changing experience during the
summer retreat at Bhavatarini Ma’s house. In the busy days following
the retreat, I became immersed again in the delusions of Maya. Going
through my notes from the retreat during the last few days, I was
again flooded with the light of those sacred times we shared
together and the Jnana, Bhakti, Karma, and Raja Yoga lessons
transmitted by Babaji from the sacred Guru lineage of our Master Sri

Each night after laying down for the night, I would often
spontaneously write a poem that seemed to flow through me as I
meditated on Brahman using as little of my own influence as I was
able. Below is one of the first “poems” I wrote which captures some of
what the retreat meant for me.

waterwayWater snake slithers for prey
I splash gently as it turns away
Red and blue dragon flies hovering for love
13,000 eye cells looking for the one
vertical walls of trees
moving in ripples of breeze
peals of illumined laughter ring
as devotees wash the city
skin and light brightening
I towel off as Maya flies free
a hummingbird to remind me
that the road goes on forever
and there is no rest for the weary
on Divine Mother’s razor’s edge
Hear me oh Holy Mother
As I surrender this world to you
Teachings of the Master
Sri Ramakrishna sing bravely
The grace you live is true
I renounce the world of my dreams
For fearless pure existence
Pure knowledge pure bliss
Om Satchitananda Om
Boundless pure reality
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
Soothing nectar to release
Expectant desires pain
Strengthening me to walk
Your exquisite razor’s edge

— Vitamas