The Inmost Path of Mother Wisdom — Kundalini Yoga Retreat

Kundalini flyerOctober 7 – 11, 2010
Buckhorn Springs Retreat
Ashland, Oregon

Join Babaji and Jai Ma Music for four days of Wisdom transmission, dedication, and devotion in the peaceful solitude of Buckhorn Springs Retreat.

Babaji Bob Kindler, our Spiritual Director of SRV Associations, will present the iSri Ramakrishnanmost path of Mother Wisdom by focusing in on the Mahashakti and Her superlative teachings on Kundalini Yoga.  This path will be approached primarily from the standpoint of how Sri Ramakrishna saw and experienced it.  Esoteric teachings, seldom offered or explored, will be presented by Babaji in the spirit of revelation and direct spiritual  experience. 

Devotional music provided by Jai Ma Music.

Registration ends September 29.  
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