SRV’s Current Offerings

1. Classes. Our classes, along with retreats and publishing, are at the core of SRV’s mission.

2. Retreats. SRV Retreats are an essential spiritual program for SRV students because they emphasize remembrance of our divine nature and help us develop the skills and virtues necessary for living a divine life of inner peace and freedom in every moment.

3. Book Publishing. We consider publishing a sacred responsibility.  The living Wisdom of Vedanta must be authentically represented from generation to generation. Since 1995 we have published 9 books and have others waiting for publication.

4. Oregon Ashram. The Portland ashram is an accessible center for the entire sangha, where weekly scripture class, worship, special gatherings, and children’s classes are held.  The spiritual heart of our ashram flows out from the shrine and meditation room dedicated to our Ideals and the Divine Mother.

5. Prison Ministry. We currently offer a regular program of Vedanta classes and personal spiritual instruction at five Oregon prisons.  We also provide instructional materials, including books, audio teachings and devotional music, free of charge, to inmates and prisons.

6. Nectar of Non-dual Truth Magazine. Nectar is an annual free journal containing articles on the philosophy and spirituality of Vedanta and other religious streams, penetrating into their essential teachings and practices, and placing special emphasis on the nondual, advaitic, aspects.

7. Children’s Classes/Program. Children’s classes introduce ritual worship, sacred stories of the tradition, and expose young children to Vedantic concepts through art, stories, and “philosophical labs.”  Currently, we are developing a 12 month program in the Four Yogas for teens.   

8. Raja Yoga email Class. An in-depth study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is currently underway. The primary text for students is Swami Vivekananda’s Raja Yoga lectures.

9. Oregon & Hawai‘i center bookstores. We carry a fairly diverse selection of books, scriptures, general Vedanta Reading, biographies, etc.  

10. SRV e-Newsletter: Mundamala. Our newsletter, published four times a year, offers teachings on the Ramakrishna lineage, class notes from Babaji’s Mainland visits, his upcoming schedule, news about the sangha (especially initiations), retreat notices, and features a message from Babaji.  

11. Website. SRV’s website is our “face to the world,” showing our lineage, the teachings, and our programs.  Our online store is extensive.

12. Social Networking. SRV has a presence on Facebook that features a daily quote and other announcements.  A regular message from Babaji is a forthcoming feature for 2011.

13. Recorded Spiritual Discourses. Since 2001 we have been recording Babaji’s classes. Some of these classes have been carefully edited and grouped into thematic discourse sets.

14. Jai Ma Music. Offering bhajans, stotrams, chanting, devotional music, poetry, inspirational instrumental music, and more, currently only on CD and cassette.

15. In the Spirit radio programs with Lex Hixon. Lex’s inspirational program, spanning two decades, features interviews with educators, healers, clergy, authors, artists, psychics, spiritual leaders, teachers and a host of others.  This is a large selection of over 350 radio programs, mostly unedited, representing a Who’s Who in spirituality and progressive issues from the 70’s 80’s 90’s.