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Mantra, Tantra, & Yantra
SRV’s Spring Retreat in Seattle
March 10 – 13

Join us for three full days of meditation and study, immersed in the wisdom stream of Tantra-Advaita with Babaji Bob Kindler.  In accord with SRV’s two recent Divine Mother retreats, and as an addendum to all Tantric studies so far, teachings on Yantra, Tantra, and Mantra will be offered over this three-day retreat in Seattle.  The subject of Mantra is well known to SRV students and devotees, but a study of the salient points of its deeper practice will be reviewed, enriching daily practice.  New to the SRV classes and retreats, the topic of Yantra will be broached, including its meaning, symbolism, and application.  An overall look at the Tantras as scripture will round this retreat out.  

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