Autumn 2010

SRV logoClass Notes from Babaji’s classes in Oregon and in the prisons
October, 2010

The Way of the Rishis
These beings, rishis, came, lived, struggled and survived, and did not find fault with the teachings or the world.  How is this possible when there are so many imperfections here? This is what they realized:

Vedanta-siddhanta-niruktir esha
brahm’aiva jivah sakalam jagat cha
akhanda-rupa-sthitir eva moksho
brahm’advitiye shrutaya pramanam

This is the sure and certain conclusion of the Vedanta, that Brahman is all — the world, time, and living beings.  Living in constant realization of this fact is what is called enlightenment.  Brahman is one without a second, and the scriptures are the valid proof and testimony of this.

— and –
Om  purnamadah purnamidam purnat purnamudachyate
purnasya purnamadaya purnamevavashisyate
Om shantih shantih shantih

What is visible is the infinite.  What is invisible is also the infinite.  Out of the Infinite Being the finite has come, yet being infinite, only infinite remains.  Om peace, peace, peace.

All that is outside [visible] comes from within [the invisible], from the mind.  Brahman cannot be a cause for anything.  Om is the cause, “the Word…”  Christ had it spot on.  Inside your mind is the infinite potential of unmanifest prakriti.  Like an iceberg, the tip is what we see outside, while the mass represents what is lying below the surface of the water, or what lies within the mind. Realization of this proves that birth and death are unreal.  It takes a little meditation and fearlessness to understand this.  In other words, there is no origin.   All goes on in cycles, interminably.  When you see this you will want to “take your bath and get out,” i.e., realize your changeless Self.  Remaining in the bathtub too long gives one wrinkles.  Similarly, lying in the dirty bathwater of this world for too long causes the wrinkles of old age, followed by death.  Who wants that again and again?  You want to become the Witness of all phenomena instead of being dragged around by them interminably.  “This thirst for life forever quench, it drags from birth to death, and death to birth the soul,” as Swami Vivekananda states.  So be done with your desires and experiences.  Then come back if you like to help others see the Truth.

One should have a universal attitude as a backdrop, but until it matures one needs to practice one path.  This will deepen you. [This is a reference to Sri Ramakrishna’s famous story of the farmer who lets all his cows out to pasture during the day where they mix together, but at night he brings them back to the barn (universal Truth) where each one has its own stall (religions).]

Now you know why sages are sages and seers are seers: they live in the Word.  They do not live in the world; they live in the Word.