Sangha News

Hawaii Sangha Kokua
Members of the Hawaii Sangha met on April 12th to generate ideas to help fill in SRV’s budget shortfall and discuss other sangha-related issues of interest.  This was the first-ever Hawaii Sangha meeting and it was a great success.  “Kokua” is the Hawaiian word for offering help.

Pledges, Benefit Concert, & Outreach
The sangha accepted responsibility for $2000 and raised half of this right at the meeting via extra pledges. For the remainder, a Jai Ma Music benefit concert is planned for early November.  This benefit will be a “traditional” Jai Ma Music concert of devotional songs, complete with full ensemble and Babaji’s solo cello.  Hawaii Sangha members also agreed that more public outreach is needed and promptly created a plan consisting of free newspaper notices and quarterly article submissions.

Satsang & Retreats
After handling these practical matters, the Hawaii group expressed their desire for more spiritual events.  With Babaji’s agreement, plans are underway to have two Hawaii retreats, one in the latter half of June and the other in December.  West Coast members are encouraged to make their reservations for these Hawaii retreats in advance.  Under consideration is the addition of a monthly Arati, Meditation and Satsang with Babaji and regular Arati & Meditation when Babaji is off Island.  

Many thanks to all those who attended this first meeting and brought their Utsaha – spiritual enthusiasm!