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  • Guerilla Distribution Time!!!  Order distribution copies of Nectar #26 (available now!) and we will ship them to you in May.  Take them to Yoga Centers, Spiritual Centers, and other places where they will be appreciated.  Contact us
  • Online Viewing:  Throughout 2011, we will be posting all our back issues for online viewing. Available on our website starting midsummer.
  • Advaita Academy, an online hub for Nondual Wisdom, now features Nectar articles from Nectar’s ten years of publishing.  You will find articles by Babaji Bob Kindler, Swami Aseshananda, Lex Hixon, Annapurna Sarada, Dattatreya Dave Coryell, and others.  Visit

    Nectar #27

  • Nectar #27 (2012 issue) is already in the works:
  • Vedanta – The Awakening of Power – Swami Aseshananda
  • Sufism – The Pavilion of Light – Sheikh Nur Al-Jerrahi
  • Jainism – Jainism’s Crest Jewel – Swami Brahmeshananda
  • Neo-Vedanta – Tiers of Causation beyond the Scientific View – Babaji Bob Kindler
  • Yoga – Overcoming Obstacles to Sitting Meditation – Michael J. Isaacs
  • Reflections on Nagarjuna, Vivekananda, & the Eternal Brahman – Paravasta
  • Nectar’s regular features and more…

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