Reclaiming Kundalini Yoga

New Book Comingby Babaji Bob Kindler
ISBN 978-1-891893-11-7
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From the Introduction

Once held as a deep secret among the spiritually elite and quietly practiced among those willing to undergo specific training with adept preceptors to achieve qualification for spiritual life, this interior Yoga, much like the Eight-limbed Yoga of Patanjali, has suffered greatly at the hands of those who have attempted to turn its noble tenets into a regimen for body postures, breathing exercises, and the study of the human nervous system alone.

Over the past half century certain questionable human factions hiding behind such noble traditions as Tantricism, Shaivism, and Sikhism, have arrived in the West and tried to capitalize upon Kundalini Yoga’s intriguing tenets and axioms.  And in order to do so, given the materialistic nature of the Western peoples, these spurious teachers — always with an eye out for personal monetary gain and attended and followed about by plenty of scandal — gathered Kundalini’s most rudimentary teachings and, instead of using them as fundamental starting points, rendered them into the entire scope of its presentation.  The result is that contemporary Kundalini Yoga is now a pale, wan, and spiritually ineffective caricature of itself, brought down and restricted to a mere collection of asanas and breathing exercises, all intended to bring about an increased flow of life force to be utilized for health of the body, pleasure for the senses, and happiness for the mind.

The purpose of this small book, replete with a few original teaching charts useful as visual aids, is to reclaim the magnanimous Kundalini Yoga system back from modern presenters who have, deviously or ignorantly, magnified the obvious and omitted the essential in it.  To accomplish this task within such a brief condensation and summary, it will be helpful to refer to the origins of Kundalini Yoga so as to be able to draw the teaching principles from them.  This alone will reveal it to be of ancient and ultimate nature and character.  Thankfully, there is a Vedic source for this great system, called the Yoga-Kundalini Upanisad.  Wherever the Upanisads (Vedanta) are involved, one can feel fully assured that the authentic, the genuine, the highest and best about Divine Reality is being declared.  Within the parameters of such a timeless reference point our study can go forth famously. Read complete Introduction