Weekend Seminar in Portland, OR

with Babaji Bob Kindler

Parvati and GaneshaThe Upanisads are Vedanta!
When:  May 20th – 22nd, 2011
Where: Portland, OR Ashram
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What we will study:  This year’s seminar, held at the SRV ashrama in Portland, will take up the Upanisadic atmosphere in order to enhance knowledge of the Vedanta in all students.  The Kenopanisad will be one facet of this mini-retreat, with an accent on the appearance of the Divine Mother of the Universe as Himavati.  Several new charts will be offered, unseen up and until the opening of the seminar.

“That one attains immortality who intuits the Atman in and through every modification of the mind.  From the Atman comes real strength, and from knowledge, immortality.” – Kena Upanisad