Godblogs Youth Forum


This blog is for young people who are curious about Vedanta, Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, or simply want to know how to live a spiritual life while living at home, going to school, handling relationships, jobs, etc.

Babaji Bob Kindler (“Blogaji”) and Annapurna will be posting blogs and answering questions.  If you are a young person and want to participate, write to us at srvinfo@srv.org and we will send you your login information.

Teen Classes held in Sacramento

Babaji at Teen ClassTeensLast May 12, Max Hopson and Logan Fansler (Yogin),
two of Babaji’s young students, coordinated SRV and Babaji’s first Vedanta class in the Sacramento metro area.  Nine people attended including some parents.  Babaji talked on the fundamentals of Yoga and Vedanta and the importance of study, meditation, and holy company.  The next class is scheduled for early August.  For more information write to srvinfo@srv.org