Pranams & Gratitude


As SRV Associations enters its 19th year, it is timely to remember the origin and ceaseless source of inspiration for our sangha. Most immediate for us all is Babaji and his ability to transmit the essence of Vedanta, his tireless service of the students, and unconditional love, which has drawn all of us from diverse backgrounds and regions together into one sangha.  We have Babaji thanks to Swami Aseshanandaji (our param-guru) and Lex Hixon, who came to us via Holy Mother (paratpara-guru) and Swami Vivekananda who graced our world in a pivotal time at the behest of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the Kali Avatara.  Divine Mother (paramesthi guru) and Her Wisdom-Energy that flows through the Incarnations, Seers, Sages, and Saints of India, oversees all.

Aim gurubhyo namah; Aim paramagurubhyo namah; Aim paratparagurubhyo namah;
Aim Paramesthi gurubhyo namah; Om Ganeshaya namah. 
Om Aim Hrim Sri Sarada Ramakrishna Vivekanandaya Namaha.

SRV’s Collective Mission:  
Setting the feet of humanity solidly on the path of universal Truth

SRV’s individual affirmation:  
None else but Self; None other than Mother


Appreciation goes out to all those who pledged throughout the year and all who responded to special donation requests, including Frank Kroger, Mahesh, Sanatanand & Susan, and Kanyakali.  In January 2011, we anticipated a very large shortfall, but thanks to everyone’s generosity, all our programs – from prison ministry to publishing, from general overhead to retreat scholarships – were funded.  

In 2011, the SRV Sangha supported and participated in classes, retreats, services, programs, and outreach efforts and enhancements as never before. At the risk of leaving someone out, it seems fitting to acknowledge what our brothers and sisters have contributed in terms of hands-on efforts.  

Post prison mentors: Jagadaya, Nischaya, Anurag
Strategic Plan leadership & budgets: Kanyakali
Strategic Plan advisors/volunteers: Prakasha, Sara, Mahesh, Sanatanand, Anurag
Design & set up for Godblogs, Shakti Concerts flyers and webpage, Ipad page: Prakasha & Sara
YouTube teaching videos of Babaji: Prakasha
SRV Facebook quotes and images: Sanatanand
Samples of Babaji’s music and discourses for SRV website: Mahesh
Schedule flyers: Sanatanand, Prakasha
Shakti Concerts volunteers: Kanyakali, Sanatanand, Susan, Bhama, Sarito
Hawaii Retreat volunteers (above regular seva schedule): Almost the entire Hawaii sangha
Hawaii Sunday class sponsors: Sarito, Bhama, Thais, Kanyakali
Mainland Retreat sponsors: Bhavatarini Ma, Sandra
New Portland Ashram committee: Manjushri, Medha, Anurag
San Francisco Children’s classes coordinator & outreach: Bharati
SRV Publishing Fulfillment: Brian Hochhalter
Raja Yoga Prison mailing: Suprema
Commencement of SRV bookkeeping overhaul: Ward Fansler
Portland ashram maintenance: Jnanasri, Sandra, Medha, and others

Ongoing Service, Spiritual & Practical
Puja in San Francisco & Portland: Tejomaya, Nischaya, Jagadaya
Classes when Babaji is not present: Bhavatarini Ma, Anurag, Loke Ma, Kanyakali, Annapurna

Babaji’s health care: Bhavatarini Ma

Website updating and constant refining, office management, SRV Newsletter design/layout, Nectar & Publishing layout and fine-tuning, retreat menus and cooking, and more – Loke Ma

Prison & SRV centers’ schedules, retreat coordination, menus/cooking, children’s classes, general coordinator for SRV programs, publishing, administration, and more – Annapurna

Serving the Sangha by helping to manifest Babaji’s vision for SRV Associations: The SRV Board – Lajjini, Anurag, Nischaya, Annapurna and advisors: Babaji, Bhavatarini Ma, Loke Ma, Kanyakali