A New Portland Ashram

Dear SRV Sangha and Friends,

After eight wonderful years at the Portland Ashram on SE 31st Ave, we have been informed by our good landlord that he needs to sell it.

Babaji and the SRV Board think that this is auspicious timing and we are ready to have a larger place with more rooms and more community.

We are looking for a 3 – 4 bedroom house in an easy to reach location in the Portland Metro Area.  It needs a room (basement?) for storing our books, a dining room to accommodate our growing numbers, a better kitchen with dishwasher, a bigger classroom, and a shrine room equal in size to what we now have.

Please keep all of this in mind and contact us if you get any good leads.  We have a committee taking charge of this search that consists of Manjushri, Medha, and Anurag.

Volunteers and Donations needed
Whenever this move takes place, we will need volunteers and donations to help cover moving costs, to leave the old building in good shape, and possibly make changes to the new space.  If you wish to donate for this cause or pledge services, please write to srvinfo@srv.org