Shakti Concerts

by Kanyakali

At the request of the SRV Hawai’i sangha, Babaji and Jai Ma Music presented four “Shakti Concerts” in November and December on the Big Island of Hawai’i as a benefit for SRV Associations.  The concerts were held in hatha yoga studios and community centers in the north, west, and east sides of the island and up in Waimea.  Performances began with a joyful atmosphere created by the traditional evening ceremony of mangala arati – the offering of Light, symbolizing Divine Radiance and Consciousness.  The blend of music from East and West, with bhajan, sacred songs, and call and response chanting, created a wonderful and purifying atmosphere.  Into this tapestry of healing music was woven sacred poetry and the wisdom teachings of authentic world scriptures.  The Jai Ma Music Ensemble, consisting of Babaji Bob Kindler, Loke Kindler, Annapurna Sarada, and Boaz Hashimoto Martin (on tablas), played beautifully and were very well-received by the attendees.  This series of concerts also provided outreach for Babaji’s and SRV’s classes and publications.

During the events I helped manage the door and sales table, so I had the special pleasure of attending all four concerts.  The musical program was different at each one, which made them unique and interesting.  We were treated to rare, live performances by Babaji on his cello “Great Grandfather,” whose divine melodies never failed to put the audience into a sublime meditative mood.  I enjoyed feeling the energy of the gathering deepen as we experienced the uplifting, devotional offerings.  Our hearts melted in joy as we fell profoundly in love with the music.  Jai Ma!

Concert in HawiBabaji plays Grandpa in HawiJai Ma's last concert on the Big Island tour.