Spiritual Director’s Message

Babaji Bob Kindler

Dear Students, friends, devotees, and disciples:

      We are presently standing on the brink of an entryway into the human heart and mind that is both potentially effective in its dynamic, and in keeping with the dissemination of Divine Mother Wisdom that is concurrent with our highest ideals.  I am speaking of the inroads that SRV is making into the world of video and live-streaming, wherein we, as a sangha and spiritual group out to help effect real transformation in the world, have already created a host of programs on the perennial Wisdom of India, and are also busy making these offerings available to all manner of beings — students, academicians, intellectuals, novitiates, seekers, adepts — as well as to many long time adherents of Indian religion and philosophy and members of other religious traditions.  We are also beginning to attract the attention of a cross section of the merely curious masses, whose curiosity just may be the key to a hidden samskara of future devotion and dedication.

       Additionally, those who are suffering difficult circumstances in their lives are no less fortunate to be able to receive the wisdom teachings of the Sanatana Dharma via broadcast, both live and via website. There are all those who are incarcerated as inmates in correctional facilities, some for life, and many others who are confined by that subtler prison system called Maya.  Seeing this come about, I cannot but think about how Swami Vivekananda prophesied about all of this back in the early 1900s, while he was present in this country:

    “I see a prophetic vision.  There will rise a great wave which will inundate the whole Western world.”  (He was speaking of the penetrating power of the Vedanta).  “Madness of love, yet in it no bondage, matter changed into spirit by the force of love — that is the gist of our Vedanta.”  (In its sweep, he knew, the secret of nonduality would get revealed, and mankind could directly experience it).  “Then, the vision of diversity — man, animal, tree — slowly melting away, makes room for the infinite realization of Brahman, everywhere and in everything.”

       When given such tools to work with, especially after so much long and hard preparation has been made over the past two to four decades (Jai Ma Music, SRV National, and SRV Associations), we would indeed be negligent not to utilize them for the highest good of humankind.  Participating in this further awakening of spiritualized consciousness on earth, then, is the clear and well-outlined work of every sensitive human being, every striving aspirant, every interested sangha member.  Now, the world may be watching — not just our close-in and extended sangha — as we act in sweet accord with the dharma and leave a devotional wisdom trail behind us to be found in all that we record and set forth for examination.

       Thus, our freshly coined SRV motto — Setting the feet of humanity on the path of Universal Truth — takes on even deeper and more immediate ramifications.  I call on everyone who has a bold heart, an intrepid spirit, and a strong mind and will, to come out of the limitations of the daily life of the individual and begin to live collectively.  We often complain about what is wrong with the world, our lives, and the human race, and with our best intentions we pray for solutions to come, and for tools to wield for remedial measures.  How foolish are we, then, when current and powerful mechanisms are handed to us, and we do not act to implement them?

       Over the years, we, a small troupe of interested individuals, have gathered together in our few little ashrams and private homes, listening, studying, meditating, working, and performing pujas and other worship.  Loose knit as we were, we had plenty of time to consider, and each individual went forward at his and her own individual pace.  Trials and troubles went by, and we all met periodically, and shared in them, and all the while the teachings of Vedanta went on proving to us the transitoriness and outright emptiness of the world.  Now, in imminent fashion, the advent of this forthcoming world exposure is swiftly upon us and we do not need, should not suffer, to huddle together anymore.  We can now strike a blow at the heart of Maya’s illusory domain in the human mind by coming forth and taking up the cause we have been gifted, a cause that is actually a predestined mission for all who would only recognize it and its profound significance.

       I leave you with Swamiji’s own words on this clarion call, given here, in your own SRV newsletter, 150 years hence since his arrival on this earth:

“Whenever you think of yourself you are bound to feel restless.  Now is the time to banish the desire for peace and for mukti too!  Don’t worry in the least; heaven or hell, bhakti or mukti.  Don’t care for anything, but go from door to door and spread the Name of the Lord.  We want thousands of men, thousands of women, who will spread like wildfire from the Himalayas to Cape Comorin, from the North Pole to the South Pole – all over the world.  Let some of you spread like wildfire, and preach the worship of the universal aspect of God – a thing that has never been undertaken before in this country.”

Om Peace, Peace, Peace
Babaji Bob Kindler
Ganesha Puja, 2012
[Everyone is welcome to write to Babaji concerning this message. Email: srvinfo@srv.org]