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6. Peace Invocation from the Yajur Veda

Om sham no mitrah sham varunah sham no bhavatvaryama sham no indro brhaspatih
sham no vishnururukramah namo brahmane namaste vayo tvameva pratyaksham brahmasi
tvameva pratyaksham brahma vadishyami rtam vadishyami satyam vadishyami tanmamavatu
tadvaktaramavatu avatu mam avatu vaktaram ~ Om shantih shantih shantih

May all the Gods be propitious to us and grant us earthly welfare and spiritual bliss.
Salutations to Vishnu, God with form! Salutations to Brahman, the formless Reality!
Salutations to Vayu, the perceptible Brahman! Thou art what is real, what is true, what is beneficial.
Therefore protect me, and protect my teacher.
Protect guru, dharma and sangha forevermore. Om peace, peace, peace.

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