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2022F Smriti

Smriti — The Role of Memory in Spiritual Life

The Holy Mother, Sri Sarada Devi, has stated that the mind's excellent condition is essential for bringing human beings to Enlightenment.  Therefore, scattered mind, confused mind, distracted mind, restless mind — all warned against by the Father of Yoga — must be avoided.  Focused mind and transcendent mind, often called "No Mind" in Indian darshanas, are to be attained and maintained during one's life.
     The role of the mind's memory in this task is to be underscored, not understated.  For the luminaries of India's hoary past, and for the contemporary seers today, memory, "smriti" in Sanskrit, holds the keys to many past lifetimes, which for them were lives lived in the sacred presence of God with form.  Thus, it is not a tool for mere nostalgia, or emotional reminiscences, and certainly not just a storage facility for relative knowledge.  The scriptures state, "Chiti rupena ya kritsnam etat  vyapya stitha jagat, that divine memory is the very form of God, or Mother Wisdom, abiding in the aware and awakened human mind.  Thus, it is our pathway inward to Reality at all times.

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