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8am Hawaii, 11am Pacific
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Babaji holds Zoom Satsang to answer questions about spiritual life and practice. Each satsang begins with an introductory discourse followed by Q&A; come prepared with a question! Simply click the link above and join in; invite a friend.
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Saturdays, 1-hour Zoom Class on SRV Wisdom –
          Ashram of the Subtle Realms
10am Hawaii; 1pm Pacific; 4pm Eastern; 
          Central Europe - check your time.
This is a wonderful discussion class that goes very deep. We encourage you to sign up for SRV Wisdom for a free week, read the "Godblogs", and join in! Click the image.

Sunday Class with Babaji Bob Kindler

2023 Avadhuta sq

Sunday, 2:30pm – 4:00pm Hawaii Time

2:30p HST; 5:30p PDT; 6:30p MDT; 8:30pm EDT
In person (Big Island, Hawaii) & Via Zoom
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Tucked within the sweet center of the inspiring revealed scripture, Avadhuta Gita, are Forty Verses ending with the endearing refrain, "I am pure Existence, Wisdom, and Bliss Absolute, as boundless as the Sky, infinite like Space."  They form a chalisa of an extraordinary kind, celebrating the perfect nature of the Eternal Self residing in mankind, rather than praising a god or a deity only.  Chanting this Forty Verses transmits a clarifying stream of Advaitic Wisdom into the heart and mind of the seeker of Truth, particularly when divine discourse teachings accompany each sloka.


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