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8am Hawaii, 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern
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Babaji holds Zoom Satsang to answer questions about spiritual life and practice. Each satsang begins with an introductory discourse followed by Q&A; come prepared with a question! Simply click the link above and join in; invite a friend.
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Saturdays, 1-hour Zoom Class on SRV Wisdom –
          Ashram of the Subtle Realms
10am Hawaii; 1pm Pacific; 4pm Eastern; 
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This is a wonderful discussion class that goes very deep. We encourage you to sign up for SRV Wisdom for a free week, read the "Godblogs", and join in! Click the image.

Sundays with Babaji Kindler; May 5 & 12th
Jnana & Ajnana Bhumikas
The 14 Stages of Knowledge & Ignorance

2:30-4pm Hawaii, 5:30pm Pacific; 6:30pm MDT; 8:30pm EDT

In person (Big Island, Hawaii)
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Via Zoom
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Leading the soul up and out of the suffering-ridden nightmare of limited existence, then beyond a mere worldly life of pleasure mixed with karmic accrual, are teachings such as the Seven Stages of Wisdom, or Seven Levels of Higher Knowledge.  This teaching is as old as the Upanisads, and was a favorite tool of the seer, Lord Vasishtha, for helping to enlighten serious aspirants.
     Called Jnana Bhumikas in Sanskrit, or "grounds for true knowledge," these seven stages are rendered more complete if the lesser known Ajnana Bhumikas, seven levels of ignorance, are also taken up alongside them.  Coming to know just how a benighted soul awakens to heights of spiritual enlightenment over time, even over lifetimes, fills in wide gaps in our understanding of the subtle dynamics of the transmigrating soul.

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