Stories as Scripture – Part II

by Babaji Bob Kindler

Taken from the book entitled An Extensive Anthology of Sri Ramakrishna’s Stories, six selections focusing on the Guru are introduced.

Cooking With Compassion informs us that there is a state of enlightenment beyond sagacious silence wherein the luminary, out of compassion, ventures forth into the realm of reiteration in order to share ignorance-destroying and life-giving truths.

The Consummate Ocean Voyage lets us know that there are different levels of divine manifestation of Guru-Tattva according to capacity, each facilitating the spiritual journey in kind.

The Atman’s Apprentice reveals one of the inner secrets of transmission from the guru, contrasting it to the lesser vehicles of conventional education or even higher intellectual learning.

Tending Brahman’s Blaze is a timeless testament to the salubrious effects inherent in pure Consciousness, especially as it appears in the fully illumined being or the spiritual preceptor.

The Broad-Minded Behemoth bespeaks of the guru’s ability to reach deep within the mind of the aspirant to seek out, find, and destroy that which impedes spiritual awakening.

The Shovel and Spade of Selfless Service endears the spiritual teacher to us all the more, demonstrating the commitment, effort, and sacrifice which such a rare being accomplishes for our sake and on the behalf of the world at large.

Offered here, then, are six salient selections of saviors, saints, sages, savants and seers — served solely via spiritual stories as scripture. May our consciousness be awakened!