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Nectar is published annually in the Spring. Each issue contains articles on the philosophy and spirituality of Vedanta & other religious streams with emphasis on nonduality & practice. Approximately 62 pages of inspiring articles and special features, such as the popular “Nectar of Advaitic Instruction.” Preview the next issue of Nectar. Subscription deadline for Nectar #37 is April 1st.

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Our Mission
Nectar of Non-Dual Truth is SRV Associations’ heartfelt offering of highest Wisdom to the human community. It is the sincerest form of love and service we know to disseminate non-dual Truth and teachings which transmit pure knowledge, pure love, and true universality. Through Nectar we are working out SRV’s mission of spiritual upliftment and education. And for those of us who are devotees of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi, and Swami Vivekananda, and also students of Babaji Bob Kindler, it is our great privilege to assist in this mission to our capacity. Please join us; this is a universal movement.

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