The Avadhut And His Twenty-Four Teachers In Nature

By Babaji Bob Kindler

“The Avadhut and his Twenty-Four Teachers in Nature – a book of stunning range and deep thought.” – Dr. Sumita Roy, India

“Beautiful! The Vedantic teachings of India are placed so well within the journeys of an ascetic traveling through the country of India. I cannot get over the amount of wisdom found on each page of this piece. An absolute treasure. You would do well to discover it.”- Gina Heredea, New Jersey

“The Avadhut And His Twenty-Four Teachers In Nature belongs in every home alongside the Christian Bible, the Teachings of Lord Buddha and the Holy Koran. Its wisdom is sweet. The lessons are simple: Seeing God and the Divine Mother in every creature that you meet. It is a book to be read over and over again. This book holds Old Wisdom. It is as if the Teachings of Master to pupil over years has been gathered into a great fragrant bouquet. It is about taking time to observe the lessons that are there for us, in front of us. It is not often that one is blessed by an Avadhut, but when you are, your perception changes, the spiritual life deepens.” – Rev. Carol Woermann, California

“This book is a must to read for anyone who has embarked on the journey of self-inquiry and is moving toward self-realization; an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of one who has been there – The Avadhut, a fully liberated being. The book reads like a mystery novel, but the content is distilled nectar from the scripture and spiritual teachings of the East [Yoga and Vedanta]. Following the path of the Avadhut on his travels is as easy, enjoyable and painless as summer vacation, and as fruitful as the ascension of the highest of spiritual heights. Not just a book but an exercise in spiritual self-transformation – a pilgrimage of the mind, with the Avadhut as the most inspiring and delightful of guides. Go there and be free!” – Rob Reno, New Hampshire

“My dear Babaji Bob Kindler, I received your letter along with the copy of your good book ‘The Avadhut.’ I just went through the book cursorily and am impressed with the vast amount of knowledge and information from the Hindu Tradition contained in the book. The illustration of the Avadhut story on the cover is a tremendous product of deep imagination. I hope it will do immense good for the people in USA and other countries. Accept my love and best wishes and convey the same to your colleagues. – Swami Ranganathananda, President, Ramakrishna Order, India

“I have a passion about this book and feel strongly that it should be made widely available. To me, this novel, presented in the fashion of guru-disciple instruction, is a unique contemporary expression that brings together Sri Ramakrishna’s natural and radical renunciation and His all-comprehending Advaita, along with Mother’s no-nonsense compassion, and Swami Vivekananda’s profound breadth of philosophical understanding and realization. And it is a story! It reads the reader! The reader gets to identify with an illumined being. It is both deep and fun.”-Leigh Anne Gurtov, Hawaii

“I have been reading the book, very slowly, because it seems like I am watching an internal movie and I lose track of the fact that I am reading. This book is like an open door to Reality. It is a mirror, I find things I am feeling, doing, experiencing, that I have had no words for. I have aha moments. I have feelings of jealousy, frustration, profound awe, sometimes I fall into meditation and sometimes I find myself pacing the floor because all these explosions are going on inside. This book is a living presence…it is the companion that you said it would be. Thank you for recommending it to me.” – Maureen Nielson

“We are reading The Avadhut every weekend. It gives us a lot of strength.” – Sindhu Sen, India

“Jonathan, my teenage son, is almost through the Avadhut and is being quite influenced by it.” – John L. Raye, Rhode Island

“Whenever I return to THE Avadhut I still feel the personal power of it – how your precious teachings are directed toward each of us. Thank you again for that gift of transmission.” – Suzanne Boire, New Hampshire